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For Writers

Reader Services for Writers. Need a first or new reader for your short story, scene, chapter or rough draft? I’m here for you to help offer perspective, editing and feedback support. I can help you get your manuscript ready for submission or rethink it from inside-out.

Coaching Services for Writers. Don’t have access to a writer’s group and need insight into your work through conversation and constructive feedback? These easy-to-access live one-on-one sessions will give you the boost you need. Each session will focus on the needs of the individual writer.

Conver-stories. You want to write. You may have that story or creative nonfiction piece wanting to emerge, but you simply can get it flowing. Work with me through the process of conver-stories to find the major beats of your story, realize the important and common threads, breathe new ideas and new life into a central idea that can blossom. I’ll help lead you to that first draft or next best manuscript.

Speeches and Messaging. Words are important, especially when we are communicating to groups of people. I’m here to help you stay on target with compelling and visual phrasing that will  articulate your messages in memorable and impactful ways.


For more information or to set-up an initial call, please reach out to me at yestoknow[AT]

I look forward to working with you.