Murketing (with a Red Bull Chaser)

Over a month ago I listened to an interview between Diane Rehm and writer Rob Walker about what he has coined”murketing” in his new book Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy And Who We Are. My ears perked up at the very mention of a made-up-word that I immediately understood (when you’re able to make that happen you strike gold in the world of language!). I hastily scribbled notes from the interview in my DEAL notebook that morning. Alas, the notebook has been unearthed from the rubble of moving boxes and piles of packing items this very morning. Here are some of the points that struck me at the time. And one big question that I was left with: Did Red Bull change the way we market products and services (this was the example that was used like a refrain throughout the interview)?

-“Murketing” is the murykying of marketing

-“Buzzing” a new product or services gives a feeling of being on the forefront of something new; marketers love to use this

-Many marketing efforts are moving toward smaller but intense events that spread the more directly and pointedly about a product

-Perhaps the best case study of one of these intense marketing efforts to present a new product was the release of Red Bull; no one really new what Red Bull was at the time (energy drink? new age soda? what was “torine?”)

-Many marketers (like the Red Bull case) are not  really saying what “the message” of the product is, they are allowing the public to decide  (yep, that could get murky…but meaningful!)

-Advertisers/Marketers are learning how to create desire in consumers unconsciously without directly telling them what to do/buy

-Allowing the public to “complete the marketing process” (Tony says: I love the idea of this used with integrity to market the library to our users)

-The Ramones have sold 100% (?!) more T-shirts than albums!

-“The 100’s”–movement that is supposed to be rejecting brands but have in actuality created their own brand (California vibe…)

-Having an “indy brand” feel is a strong selling point

-Red Hat Society started as an informal gathering of women and now they are a company! Spread completely by word of mouth (and obvious visual)

-“Consumer Empowerment” is not about complaining about a product on a blog, it’s about what you buy and don’t buy. This is what drives product survival or improvement. (we vote with our dollars…still)

-Companies often “dupe” consumers by changing the product imaging (packaging) instead of actually improving and responding to need

-“Open Model Marketing”-allows consumers to fill-in-the-blanks in what the message of a product is

-Common advertising/marketing practice: trigger and emotional response in the consumer

-Branding is not only about supporting a logo buy also and image, characteristic (think: American Apparel)

-People make decsions on “short hand notions” whether it is who they vote for or what type of energy drink they grab (Red Bull, once again).

Yes, it applies across the board–whether in corporate America or a one-branch library. Reading, talking and thinking about marketing (murketing) stirs up how we present ourselves and ultimately how to make ourselves more relavent.

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