Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County


Sitting very close to the bank of Boulder Creek is the Main Branch of the Boulder Public Libary. I stood on a bridge that crossed the creek on an incredibly beautiful day a few weeks ago and was silenced by the utter beauty of the setting, the constant activity of visitors and those who were enjoying the shade of the trees, the cool of the water and simply being a part of the world outside and inside the library. This was my first introduction to library–as a visitor on this quiet and sunny day. That’s the setting. Here’s ther news: This past Thursday I joyously accepted the position of Director of Libraries for Boulder, Colorado. I will be moving to this welcoming city and becoming a part of the dedicated staff in Boulder on July 28.

My time at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has offered me so many opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure (and growth) of working on a wide array of projects and initiatives. I have many dear friends at PLCMC who I will miss very much (and I hope are making plans to visit in Boulder very soon).

Here’s to seeking out new paths and the joy that comes with it! And here’s to Boulder!