About Technology

OK, the assignment is to blog anything about technology….so, what’s on my mind right now in regards to technology? First, that I’ve tried at least 20 times to get my Yahoo avatar image to post to the blog–still not happening…but let me get beyond that.
Something that I remember from the Michael Stephens’ presentation at the Tech Summit that really stuck with me and I want to remember is the idea that technology is only a tool. So what I make of that is this: Tech = Tool…Technology in and of itself is not “the” program or “the ” service. It is a only a support–a tool–to enable us to make a program or service (outcome) happen. It’s really not about the gadgetry or the trendiness of it (at least not in the big picture) though I think it is easy to get caught up in that. How can this tool serve our needs, help support a strategy? Hmmm, somehow that (Einstein?) saying about “necessity is the mother of invention” is somehow mixing itself into my thinking on this subject. Let me mull that over some more…


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