Bendable Animals Surrender

Recently several hundred so-called “Bendy Animals” surrended themselves to Public Library locations across the nation. Many were heard to utter, “but we’re so cute, so very cute,” and “We’re bendable! We’re fun!” Have you seen one of these “bendy animals” in your community? If so, call your local Public Library immediately.

In this photo bendy animals are shown caught shortly after trying to flee down Rea Road. They were asked to slowly raise their hands above their heads which they did, because they are bendy animals.
Photo Credit: Officer Buckle



  1. Hey it’s too bad about those bendy animals, I had wanted one when I first saw them…anyway, to answer your question about posting your avatar, try this, go into your template and scroll down to where the code says, “begin sidebar”, and cut and past your avatar address beside this command, you may have to play around with it a bit to see where it posts, it’s a bit of trial and error…

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