Guess what? There are a lot of librarians out there a’bloggin’! (Just in case you didn’t know this). I’ve been pouring over as many of the blogs that PLCMC staff are creating as possible as well as many library and librarian blogs out there in the bigger world. This weekend I was really happyto read on Michael Stephens’ blog (Tame The Web) that several PL’s are beginning to circulate Playaway units. Part of me held back a little on getting too excited about these when I first read about them because I kept thinking “are these the rocket e-books of the new millineum?” But what I read seems to be so practical–no downloading, not cds to change (just batteries!), one book-one player. So, we’ll see. I completely amped up about trying one out when I go on vacation this fall (they plug into your car’s MP3!).OK, back to searching through the insights and meanderings of all those blograrians out there….


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  1. I’m lucky I have a CD player in my car, let alone an MP3 player! But you’ve piqued my interest – I’ll have to go check these out a bit further.

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