It’s 588–Wave Bye, Bye!

What’s so special about this little VHS? And why are we waving bye-bye to it? Well, this little trooper of a tape has circulated 588 times at South County Regional Library. That’s at least 588 VCR’s–many with multiple viewings…it’s Spot the Dog, after all. Big deal, you say, perhaps? Yes, really big deal. This afternoon when Joy, a staff member, brought this to my attention before it was withdrawn–long past its normal circulation cycle–I was wowwed back into thinking about how special libraries are. How much joy they bring to kids, adults, and all of us in between. This little Spot video that has served so many houses with entertainment, TV babysitting, and all that is wrapped up in the adventures of any yellow dog and his special brand of showmanship…deserves its moment of applause….and with it I applaud all the hands that have shelved it, checked it out, searched for it on shelves, zapped it into “play” or “renew.” 588…it’s a golden number…now wave, bye-bye, Spot.


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