Traveling Plans

Is there anything like “travel” to keep you aware and pared down to the absolute necessities? Being on the road keeps the mind open and the eyes peeled. The preparations for travel can be as time consuming as the transit itself! Ren Gen Guru Patricia Martin offered some smart and sharp suggestions to getting the travel pack down to the real essentials right before I packed for a big trip. There is something very Zen (and out-of-body) about being on the road and in heightened presentation form…what an opportunity to see what life (and creature comforts) are all about–and find out how necessary are “the necessities.”



  1. Tony-
    Hey, I want to hear your news from the road. I rely on your keen insights as one of my Culture Scouts. You set the standard. So tell me…what are you seeing out there?
    Happy trails.

  2. Best of luck on the road.
    Thanks for the comment over at my blog and I want to invite you into Day in a Sentence, which will be posted sometime later this week. We would love your words.

  3. Hello Kevin,
    This is a great movement! There is something challenging and fun about paring things down to the essentials–and finding the best words to do that.

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