Sitting very close to the bank of Boulder Creek is the Main Branch of the Boulder Public Libary. I stood on a bridge that crossed the creek on an incredibly beautiful day a few weeks ago and was silenced by the utter beauty of the setting, the constant activity of visitors and those who were enjoying the shade of the trees, the cool of the water and simply being a part of the world outside and inside the library. This was my first introduction to library–as a visitor on this quiet and sunny day. That’s the setting. Here’s ther news: This past Thursday I joyously accepted the position of Director of Libraries for Boulder, Colorado. I will be moving to this welcoming city and becoming a part of the dedicated staff in Boulder on July 28.

My time at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has offered me so many opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure (and growth) of working on a wide array of projects and initiatives. I have many dear friends at PLCMC who I will miss very much (and I hope are making plans to visit in Boulder very soon).

Here’s to seeking out new paths and the joy that comes with it! And here’s to Boulder!




  1. Tony, Congratulations and best of luck to you! You have been an inspiration to work with and I have learned so much from you. I hope you will keep blogging about your experiences in Boulder.

  2. All I can say is that Boulder is so lucky to land a Director with such a great amount vision and experience on how to build success and develop great staff! PLCMC has been blessed by your energy and talent. All my best Tony on your future at BPL!

  3. Hello Catie & Helene & Lori!

    Thanks very much to all my friends for their kind words and encouragement. This has been a big decision (and I feel really great about it).
    I will keep blogging, too. There will surely be so many new things to discover and wonder about in this beautiful new place.

  4. Well, now. Haven’t you landed in a pot of jam! Boulder is great. Although Charlotte was extraordinary in so many ways. What a tough call. I hope we can count on you to give us Culture Scouting from Boulder, Tony. All of your fellow Culture Scouts are over the moon for you in this new role. Please keep us tuned into your observations and ideas as you make your way.

  5. Hi Pat!
    You bet, Boulder is utterly fantastic and I am looking forward to becoming a part of the staff who are making the Library such an important part of the city. I’ll keep you and all the Culture Scouts posted on all my delicious finds and discoveries!

  6. Congrats Tony….sounds like an exchange between Boulder and Australia needs to be considered!!!!!

  7. Hello Lynette!
    I am thrilled about moving to Boulder and stepping into this role. Boulder is absolutely beautiful–on many levels! I believe the US partnership with Australia be very enriched by exploring Boulder!
    Cheers to you, Jane and all our Global Friends 🙂

  8. Hi Tony,
    that sure is a nice promotion, congratulations! Had a nice time talking to you and Helene at CIL, future planning was one of the many things we talked about. Good to see you’re doing well on that!

    Just one thing, what about the rock band? 😉

  9. Hello Gerard!
    Great to hear from you! I’m gearing up for the move to Boulder and very thrilled about it. Great place to be. When you come back to the states, please make it a point to swing by Boulder.

    Oh, the rock band, rock fest, rocking the world? That’s still happening and going to happen more. The first band we’re opening the season with this Sunday is ‘They Might Be Giants.’ Both shows sold out early on. So the rocking will keep on happening (wherever I go).

    Hello to Lizabeth and all my European friends!


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