Nellie McKay & What It’s All About

Only a few minutes ago I returned from the Nellie McKay performance at the b.line in Boulder.  I walked home with a feeling of inspiration, wonder, creativity and call-to-action. The performance was somewhat raw and honest, insightful and alarming with a strong dose of absolute humor and charm. As utterly abnormal as it may seem to those outside the Library world, on the walk home I couldn’t help but think how this wisp of a performer embodies the very essence of Libraries. Youthful yet wise, simple and still layered with complexities that drew the audience’s attention and at points so straight-forward there was no room for misinterpretation (image: the  songstress walked off the stage and passed out a clipboard so that audience members could be sure to get the web site address for a cause she supports : Non-violence United . Moving seemlessly between full-out performing to nimbly going into songs that the audience members called out (“Clony!”), she also showed she’d done her homework about Boulder–she created a song on-the-spot about a local restaurant and encouraged people to be aware of a local rezoning issue! Note to Self: Nellie McKay is a likely candidate for a featured song on Library Tribute Album.


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