Why are you not blogging?

Why are you not blogging? This is a question I’ve been asking myself since mid-December. I’m  constantly crafting posts–posts that simply aren’t going live (at least not outside of the sandbox). I’ve even asked myself the sharp question: am I a blogger anymore? Do I want to be a blogger anymore? Is YestoKnow still where I need to be channeling my voice, ideas and observations? I’ve thought about this much. So, here are 3 big reasons I’ve come up with to answer my question about why I’ve not been blogging much lately:

  • Blogging is about communicating your ideas. I am doing this in a myriad of ways almost every waking minute of my day. Since taking on my new role in Boulder, I am crafting and recrafting communications each day–from focusing on taking Boulder Library’s primary print publication to be more of a newsletter, story-related format to crafting vision and goal communications. So, I’ve been feeling communicated-out a bit lately.
  • Hiring a key leadership position is intense. Early on in my new role, I worked to re-focus and re-brand the Library’s Information Technolology Department to focus on a broader range of technologies and innovative applications. What resulted from this is a Library Innovation & Technology Department. Knowing that it would take a very dynamic individual to help lead this effort, crafting a job fitting description, getting it posted and finding the right manager for this effort was real work. I’m happy to say that we found a great LIT Manager who’ll be starting on Monday. Yeah and whew!
  • Moving across the country in two chunks–before and after selling a house in Charlotte–in a 5 month span is utterly life shaking. There are so many facets to any move, especially a cross-country move. I recently read an article that discussed the difficulties many libraries are having with finding new directors, not because of the pool of qualified candidates but because of all the implications of making large moves.

Finding words for this has been a good little practice in looking back on the past few months of my life through the lens of blog-action.  Wheesh, there is a lot going on. 2008 was an intense, life-changing, growth-filled year. Now that can really keep you blogging–or not.

So, why are you not blogging?


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