Boutique-ing: Know Your People

The idea of boutique-ing programs or projects can fly in the face of what seems like big success. We often think of success as being larger, more people, more. Boutique-ing isn’t so much about numbers as it is about creating something that is memorable to individuals–no matter how many (2 or 2000).

One key thing to remember when boutique-ing a program is get to know your participants as much as possible before the start date. What are their needs, expectations and reasons for putting your event or program on their calendars? How can you find more about them without being prying or obnoxious? What questions can you ask–not simply to ask questions, but to help make a connection with the person and and happening?

Be gentle, kind and real when asking questions of your potential participants. Encouraging interest  can make room for humor, creating a helpful bond between all participants and those behind or in front of the scenes.

How can we make this happening more memorable, easier, more boutique-ed?

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