A Re(a)d Letter Day

Today we kick off our freshest effort yet at PLCMC here in NC–Paint the Town Read! The Paint the Town Read initiative all started with a couple of key thoughts: What if we morphed the idea of “family literacy” into “community literacy?” And if we did that how could we make it very obvious? Mental gears started turning, and finally the day is here where we launch all of the other thoughts, actions, planning, dreaming and doing out into the Charlotte & Mecklenburg area. If you live in the area, look for these signs to start popping up. Anyone in the world can see images that community members have posted of themselves with their “We helped paint the town READ!” signs on the Paint the Town Read Web Page! Check out all the programs, experiences and events we’ve developed around the commitments to support reading, build community connections and learn & play together. You can do this in your community, too. I’ll gladly share all the planning info, vendors used, program ideas, you name it. Now back to “painting…”