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I began composing this post with the idea of “Library 2.0…Roll with it, Row with it, Roar with it”…all about moving with the changes in technology and being ready to just “roll with it”…see how it works, move forward and see how the public responds….commenting on how so very often the biggest hurdle is not changing or informing the minds of our users but our staff. Then I read the final suggested post on the OCLC site by Wendy Schultz and I came across this passage in her article:
What are libraries? Libraries are not just collections of documents and books, they are conversations, they are convocations of people, ideas, and artifacts in dynamic exchange. Libraries are not merely in communities, they are communities: they preserve and promote community memories; they provide mentors not only for the exploration of stored memory, but also for the creation of new artifacts of memory.
…and when I read this my mind expanded (or contracted?)…let’s just say I was moved. This is what Libraries are. What I have felt they are, known they are since I was 16 years old and had my first job in my small town library…it was the communtiy center (though no one really spoke of it in those terms)….it was the place that opened minds (like my teenage mind so eager and ready to grow), it was where people came to find out….where really everyone was equal in that they all had that small blue card with a metal strip on it that said “I own a part of this community wealth.” And this little library changed as the community did. As my small town broadened its mind so did the walls of the library (lead by an “out-of-town” librarian named named Beverly Means who changed both the carpet and the funciton of this small and wonderful place).
Library 2.0….it’s a natural progression…it’s a necessary progression…using the tools at hand and with heart and mind on each side–it offers, it welcomes the world.


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