Wiki’s–Where It’s At

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Originally uploaded by utaballer18.

When simple and superb come together–you have something good. That’s how I’m feeling about wikis. Think about it–if we attended every meeting we could attend, responded to every email that appeared on our monitor (and this is excluding the million spam per week I get), acted on every request, answered every call, and filed every document–well, we’d be crazy. Which we are. At least if you’re doing your job you are. And in the meantime think of all the communciations or postings or other pieces of information that are falling through the cracks while we try to grab a decent burrito for lunch. OK, I’m making myself crazier just by writing about it. My point: wikis make sense. They are simple and effective. Who could ask for anything more (besides more salsa for the burrito). A place to consolidate reports, updates, proposals, current issues, or just chatty bytes that only certain circles will appreciate.
I’ve been pondering how my own library department could manage information and internal communications better. For weeks I’ve been thinking “we need to create a department blog.” After looking into the info on L2 about wikis–I think this is where its at! A little more research and I think a new wiki just may be on its way. Now where’s that burrito of mine?…..


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