Break The Rules, Create Anew

Since Helene posted Joyce Valenza’s New 2.0 Rules, I have found myself either referring to them, reflecting on them, or going back and reading them again and again. Just today I was in a (loooong) meeting (now that’s the way to start a Monday off right, kiddos!), when a meeting participant made the comment that it was really “management’s” job to make sure that staff are on target with needed training. First of all, for once and for all, can we please stop referring to the nebulous “management.” I think the “they” in statements like “They won’t let us” is the same group as “management” as in “management is holding us back, man!” So, with this thought on the tip of my brain and a magic marker in my hand, I ran to the first flip chart available and wrote boldly one of Joyce’s new 2.0 rules on the paper: Train Thyself! And so it is. Handholding is allowed in the 2.0 world, but just for kicks. You’ve got to have both hands on the keyboard and striking out on your own course of learning, training , and discovery. If you’re waiting for a manager or supervisor to come to you and suggest you take this or that session, you may as well have him or her pack your lunch and cut the edges off your p&j. Take the reigns, pros of the future. There is so much available to us, so much learning and unlearning we can do right from the comfort of our own laptops or even on a lunchbreak. The classroom is wherever you happened to be connected or intrigued or wanting more. Dig deeper…on your own terms and with your own motivation (there is no other kind…but that’s a rant for another day). Now go read Joyce’s New Rules…and get to learning, shaking, rethinking, moving, acting, changing your world!


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