5 "Why Nots?" for Libraries

Here they are–fresh off the top of my head (well, I’ve been holding onto a couple of these for a while, time to let them go)…5 no-brainers for libraries.
I wonder why Libraries don’t…

1. Play the cd’s that we have in our collections IN the library. Think: A small sign that says “Like what you’re hearing? You can check it out NOW!”
2. Sell stamps at the circulation desk (everyone needs stamps).
3. Put shelters over our outdoor book drops.
4. Unlock those program doors and let people gather in them just to talk–yes, just to talk (the non-program program!)
5. Stop charging overdue fees–especially for children. (For all you avid policy-makers out there, just borrow a few lines from Netflix…it’ll be ok. If madness ensues, at least you’ll make the cover of Library Journal!)

Yes, that last one is a big one. But, why not?!
Apologies to any libraries who are already doing any (or all?) of these.


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