Renaissance Rising

We’re no longer talking about a revolution contends author and researcher Patricia Martin. And she’s found much research and heart-and-head searching to back up her intuitions. It’s a renaissance that is on the rise and it will transform the way we think, work and interact with one another.
The Renaissance Generation is emerging. Martin calls it the RenGen for short. The RenGen is not about a new breed of Flower Children or a temporal artsy movement. It’s about “an emerging strata of enlightened individuals who are hungry for ideas and ways to express them. These ideas include art, culture, social causes and, yes, even business.
The concept of the RenGen is sweeping the nation and grabbing the attention of those interested in what’s going on in the world as well as those that run some of our major cities. Martin believes that the “average Joe” is smarter and “less average” than he’s been given credit for—especially as the RenGen rises.
What does RenGen mean for your organization, library or city? Get smart and find out. The RenGen is ready to co-create with you, to speak their minds and to exchange information and ideas and allow for a new, friendlier, more creative place to live and prosper.
Are you ready for the RenGen?

Find out more by listening to an interview with Patricia Martin that aired today on the brink of Chicago being named a true “RenGen” City.


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