Things I’ve learned from Helene

This afternoon several fellow staff members and I said goodbye to one of the strongest voices in the Library world as she moves to Columbus Metropolitan Library. (You’re quite lucky, CML). Helene Blowers.
It is a wonderful and delicious thing to have someone in your life you regard as a mentor, teacher, leader, earth-shaker AND friend. Helene you’re all of these. You’ve moved mountains not only at PLCMC but within the library profession. Your name is synonymous with learning.

So–as I think Helene would do it–here are 5 BIG things that I’ve learned from working, chatting, dreaming and being with Helene:

1. Spend your time celebrating, promoting and drawing attention to the great work of others. It will reap benefits for all.
2. Leadership is about saying “yes” and standing back, watching, and applauding.
3. Give away the good stuff. Don’t hold onto it. Whether it’s information or permission.
4. Asking permission is for first graders.
5. Act on what you keep talking about. Otherwise it’s just talk. We don’t need more talk. More cake, less icing. Please.
5a: If you’re not dreaming and talking about it–start now. Cultivate those wild seeds that are trying to sprout.

Thank you, Helene.


One comment

  1. Tony,

    I totally feel the same way about Helene and still miss her leadership! (She will be less than 3 hours away from me now that I’ve moved to Indianapolis.) I love how you compiled your list of 5 big things that you learned from working with her. You summed it up so nicely! Glad to see you are blogging, now I can kee up with what is going on in your world & PLCMC.


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