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Show Me Me, Show Me You

Who do you want to see when you look at a new product, a new web site, a new community organization? You want to see you! And you want to see someone else. Someone with a name. A story. Seth Godin points to the frivolous but intoxicating site I’m In Like With You in his post “Learning From Flirting.”
What can we learn from this? It’s what the 2.0 movement has been saying for a while now: let the users speak! They want to! They love it! We love it. And ultimately…whether it looks pretty and is palatable in the old school sense or not…it is what is on the platter for the users we say we want to reach. Are you ready for it?


Things I’ve learned from Helene

This afternoon several fellow staff members and I said goodbye to one of the strongest voices in the Library world as she moves to Columbus Metropolitan Library. (You’re quite lucky, CML). Helene Blowers.
It is a wonderful and delicious thing to have someone in your life you regard as a mentor, teacher, leader, earth-shaker AND friend. Helene you’re all of these. You’ve moved mountains not only at PLCMC but within the library profession. Your name is synonymous with learning.

So–as I think Helene would do it–here are 5 BIG things that I’ve learned from working, chatting, dreaming and being with Helene:

1. Spend your time celebrating, promoting and drawing attention to the great work of others. It will reap benefits for all.
2. Leadership is about saying “yes” and standing back, watching, and applauding.
3. Give away the good stuff. Don’t hold onto it. Whether it’s information or permission.
4. Asking permission is for first graders.
5. Act on what you keep talking about. Otherwise it’s just talk. We don’t need more talk. More cake, less icing. Please.
5a: If you’re not dreaming and talking about it–start now. Cultivate those wild seeds that are trying to sprout.

Thank you, Helene.

Email Free Fridays

Ever feel like so much “communication” is coming at you but no one is really talking? Ever feel like you can’t keep up with the email doorbell ringing at you while you’re fiercly trying to catch up on the project that has been waiting for your attention? I do. And many people in the department I direct do as well. And tomorrow morning we’re doing something about it. We’re officially adopting “Email Free Fridays” within our department. That means NO emails to be sent inter-departmentally. Instead, we’ll insist that you find the fellow staff member you need info from–call her on the phone, seek him out in at his desk–but NO email. Let’s talk to each other again! I’ll let you know how it goes. Here are a few links to info about other companies who are encouraging email-free-Fridays and finding it to be successful…

Business Kicks Email Habit on Fridays from The Atlanta Constitution