3000 Signs

Ever wonder what it would look like if 3000 yard signs promoting the love of reading (and libraries) might look like if they were stacked in your office area? Probably not. But, here is an image that can give you an idea.
These signs (all 3000 of them–some of which I couldn’t get in the shot) are the centerpiece for the “Paint the Town Read” initiative that kicks-off next week on February 14! It’s a rather massive undertaking when all the stuff comes in, but knowing that these signs will be popping up all over the county to promote the idea of “reading is fun and important” is worth it.
Find out more about this big and fun inititative on the Paint the Town Read Web Page.
Thanks, Em, for helping bring this idea to life!



  1. This has been an amazing experience so far and I am so happy to be a part of it. Tony, your enthusiasm and excitement are infectious! Can’t wait to see the town painted “read”!


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