Live from Computers in Libraries–D.C.

It’s been a whirlwind of discussion, dreaming and doing these past couple of days at CIL. Helene & I lead off the Innovation Track this morning with our presentation ‘Innovation Starts with “I”.’ Great turn out, input and questions from the group. We’ll get the presentation up along with the streaming vid soon. We were followed by Michael Stephens & Michael Casey who talked about creating truly transparent, honest and open libraries. Good stuff.  Some key take-aways:

Be willing to talk

Talk honestly

Work toward truth, not perfection

“It’s not a age issue, it’s an effort issue.”



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  2. Hi Tony,
    I enjoyed your presentation at CIL. I was wondering about your “book bundles” that you bind up with yarn, ready for patron to “grab and go”. I like this idea and wondered how the circulation department handles the logistics of checking this convenient package out to patrons.

  3. Hello Barbara!
    Glad you came to our presentation. Thanks for your question. Good one. It is handled very simply. When a library user takes a book bundle (or 5!) up to check them out, the staff simply pulls the yarn that binds them and checks each item out individually (as if the user had brought up a stack of books). We re-use the yarn strings over and over, until they wear out.
    If you haven’t tried book bundles in your library–start today. Parents, teachers and caregivers will love you for it!

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