Lately I find myself talking to a small circle of colleagues about “unn-ing” practices, programs and services. Through these past few months I’ve collected quite a few terms that I file in the mental “unclyclopedia.” So what is unn-ing all about? It’s about deformalizing, it’s about letting the group gathered bring the direction and meet the needs that are right in front of them. There is no formal agenda, but instead what I call an “ungenda” that allows the group to create the topics that they find more meaningful than a standard pre-made agenda.

My colleague, Jason, has been putting our conversations about “unning” in play. He’s been have much success with “unprogramming.” Take a look at his 3 part series about the ins-and-outs of his experience working in this manner on our Circle of Knowledge Blog.

What other things can we “un?”  


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