Free Use Photos

After reading the ordeal Michael Casey has gone through by posting an image on his blog (after he jumped through the hoops of giving permission to the source), I started thinking about all the images I use (or would like to use) in presentations or on my blog. What if everyone received the same amount of heat by pulling off interesting images and using them in presentations or posts? Eeak!  Thinking about the types of images that I usually use (or see) in presentations, they are generally images that capture a thought or a certain idea in a sharp way .  I tend to use images of signs, angles, odd objects. Wait! I also take pictures like that (or at least try with my point and snap digital camera). While at the Computers in Libraries Conference in Washington, DC last week I thought, hmmm–I could share some of my own images and take even more, put them on my flickr account in a set and allow anyone to use them, no permission needed. After lunch I started doing just that. Snapping away images of signs, benches, buildings. Then I was stopped by the military and asked why I was taking so many pictures of buildings, signs, benches…you get where this is going. After some explaining, I went back to my hotel room and downloaded pictures I think could serve presenters and bloggers well. Not the most polished, but you’re welcome to use them! And please do. Free is good, so snap up some of these Free Use Photos. I’ve added more since DC and will continue. Here’s to freedom!



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