Chatter about Twitter

I’m finding that twitter has created much more of a buzz (chatter, hum, you name the word) than most of us figured it would when it first surfaced. Last night I read this article  about the genesis of the little idea that could–and has! Interesting to see how something seemingly so simple has been so wildly successful. This certainly is one more big mark for the dreamers-and-doers of the world! Much coming down the pike for the 2 guys that put their idea into action. Check it out:

Twitter Took Off From Simple to “Tweet” Success



  1. Hi Tony–

    We’re very excited here at BPL that you are coming. I have put a link to your blog in our BPL 2.0 wiki (this is the equivalent of the 23 Things program at PLCMC). Is that OK? I should have asked first! Email me if you object–otherwise, thanks for blogging and we’ll see you next week.

    Terzah Becker
    Reference Dept.

  2. Hello Terzah! So good to hear from you! I’m in Boulder…settling, still settling into my new home…loving it, though! Boulder is so welcoming and wonderful. I look forward to working with you and all the BPL Staff! I am so happy to hear that BPL is doing a 23 Things-esque project!

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