Balancing Act

Is there anything like moving (especially moving far away) to make you look at all the elements in your life (both concrete and abstract) and at the same time stay in a constant state of motion, movement, decision-making and plain-old-life-stuff? In this past week, I’ve moved over 1,600 miles from the place I’ve lived for more than 10 years. I’ve sifted through so much of the flotsom and jetsom of my life and have made some necessary, bold and sometimes wrenching decisions and conclusions about where I am, what I wish to accomplish, and the spirit in which I want all this to happen. It’s real-life stuff happening. And, again, nothing like a move to bring all this to the forefront. In my experience, there has most always been that solid, balanced idea that holds it all together, a small force that moves it all forward, especially when I put one foot in front of the other and don’t resist the quiet brush to move along and get on with the business of my life.

What does all of this mean? In this past week I’ve been reminded that there is a balance to all matters that rises up and delivers. As I sit here in Boulder reflecting on the past several months that have moved me from there to here, I am feeling a sense of balance even though tomorrow officially opens a new chapter in my career, I’m living in a (beautiful) stikingly different part of the world, and I now have a fraction of the furniture under this roof as the one in Charlotte. But balance is there. It is so interesting how this reminder can come out of one of the most frenetic times in life.

My family and most of the world I know is almost 2000 miles away and yet I am delighted to be here in Boulder and beginning my work with Boulder Public Library. Balance in Boulder. Sounds good.

Here are 3 ideas that have come to me over the past few weeks that can help remind us of that undercurrent of balance (and keep our feet–and mind–moving forward):

1. Look at the evidence. What do you really know that is actually happening; the real and obvious things you can name (not speculations, well-meaning warnings from others or worries).

2. Get away from the pressing issue for a whle. Even one hour of activity unrelated to the “big item” in your life can allow you to refuel, catch some perspective and get a new idea about what your next move should be. Dig in the dirt. Go shopping. Take a nap.

3. When you don’t know what to do, ask for your own advice. What would you tell a friend who was juggling several new projects and still dealing with a life matter? Can you tell that to yourself…and then act on it?

Balance. It sounds so calming, so easy. We all know that it often feels like work. It’s there, though, through it all. I have a week that felt like a year to show for it. Happily, I’m moving forward (as balanced as possible) into a new community, a new job that I already love and with people who have made me feel so welcome. Now that is good, balanced evidence.



  1. HI,
    I have been wondering about you,Mr.Tony! It seems like every few days
    someone comments on our new childrens area at Plaza Midwood. The rug
    and green couches are a hit! It has brought a much needed vitality to the library. I had 15 Dads and children at Dads and Donuts on Saturday and where do you think they ended up,in the famiy area enjoying the new surroundings. We received word last week that they
    are buying new shelves for the childrens area and I had asked for a
    configuration of a big U shape,hoping to make a small area seem spacious and more family friendly.And you know that if the seats are taken families have not problem spreading out on the floor with their
    books,and I keep plenty of puzzles are the activity shelves for all to work on. Please take care and I will be watching out for you.
    I enjoy reading you thoughts,statements,life’s happenings.
    Take care!

  2. Tony – a beautiful post. And so true.

    I have watched with pride as you gently, steadily kept course during a tumultous time.

    Balance: When something shifts in space, something new moves into the void. Watching someone move across the country can bring challenging emotions to the surface – and yet life provides all that we need – friends, family, welcome distractions. That gentle, balancing force moving us forward also reminds us of the wholeness that exists within each of us.

    Perspective: Going through the same experience but from the position of watching a much-cared about person moving away, I am learning that perspective is often as important as balance. We all move at different paces. A person in motion will have a different experience than a person at rest. And there is so much to be gained by truly understanding a situation from the point of view of the people in our lives. I am continually learning this lesson.

    Thank you for all that you are. Boulder is an even sunnier place now that you are there!

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