"Hatzoff Award" Goes To: Kids Music That Rocks

There are many reasons to love Librarians. Even more reasons to love Children’s Librarians. They are the shizz and they cause the sizz. No one shows this more than Warren Truitt at New York Public’s Donnell Central Children’s Library–librarian extraordinaire, music lover and rockmarketeer and creator of KIDS MUSIC THAT ROCKS!
KMTR showcases perhaps the most articulate and hearty reviews of music that really really really rocks for kids–and their adults–in the universe. Warren keeps us on our toes with sporatic carefully chosen, stardusted book reviews and retro-spiced posts that remind us that the public library and the world-of-being-a-kid is pretty drippin’ deep.
Hats off–Hatzoooooooooooof, I said, to Kids Music That Rocks.


What’s Been Rockin’ My World?

What’s been keeping me busy these days? Many things, one of which is connected to an amp and has helped a couple of thousand kids and their families rock out this summer. It’s the Tricycle Music Fest, boys and girls! And it has been an incredible experience. There’s more than one way to rock a library–well, several libraries. Music brings da people together!