Target Practice

Recently while in a dressing room in Target I overheard employees getting down to the marrow of their workplace problems. According to the discussion I (and anyone else in the immediate area of the dressing rooms) heard, someone didn’t show up to work again and the manager or shift leader was having problems getting someone to come in. As the conversation continued, one staff member piped up and said as plain as day, “why don’t we just hire people who want to actually work?” Nail on the head. Arrow in the bullseye. Her words hit the target, Target (and another business or organization that cares to listen). So, this brings some further thoughts to mind:
1) Good sense and right action is usually pretty clear and to the point
2) Staff who show up and perform usually know what the deal is
3) Why don’t we just ask the staff who show up and perform what the deal is? [And then act on that].
4) You sure can find out a lot about how things are working (or not) by just keeping your ears perked while trying on a T-shirt