Why Nots–5 More to Make You Ask.

It’s time for some more “Why Nots,” folks…Here are 5 more for the picking, the asking, the acting…Go ahead Libraries, orgs or businesses ask yourselves…
…congratulations to all libraries or orgs that are already doing these…

* Why not have short, tear-away library card applications in all printed library newsletters?
* Why not work with local florists to feature fresh flowers on the central desk(s) in your building. This offers a perk for florists to feature their work as well as a more perky public space. What says “we really take pride and delight in this building” more than fresh flowers? [Take a hint from “finer” restaurants and hotels–they know the biz].
* Why not set up an ebay or online bookstore account and sell those autographed copies of books that linger on the back shelves or the more interesting or rare books (ie, books that won’t be going into the collection) that are donated or going onto the book sale table? I betcha there are volunteers who are ebay savvy who would jump at this opportunity!
* Why not ask local stores or even some of the big retailers to partner with you to create shockingly interesting displays? Give the retailer credit for the work. [Check out Urban Outfitters or Anthropology to start with–the things they can do with a few old chair legs and newspaper will amaze].
* Why not replace all those departmental newsletters (online or printed) with blogs–they work better, harder, faster–and live longer.


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