Simple Sizz

Here it is. Simple done and gone sizzle on this one, yo! It has reading, community
engagement, user interaction, homespun marketing all wrapped up. Check it out and then copy this idea all the way to YESSIRREE!
Louisville Free Public Library, good for you and good for everyone who grabs this idea and runs.
Thanks, Beth L. for sharing this with me. You have no idea how it sent shivers of wowee through me!
Take a look–it’s on their homepage–yes, their homepage–not buried on the “Kids Links” page!

A Library Champion Lives Here!



  1. I am a 37 year old man – and have fond, vivid memories of the Summer Reading Programs I participated in when I was a child. This was, of course, before the internet revolution – and postings of the type seen on the Louisville Library website didn’t even exist (did the term “website” even exist in 1975?). However, each year when I received my certificate of completion, I was proud of my accomplishment. This is with no public / photo recognition at all. I can’t imagine how exciting it would have been to go home, log-on to the Public Library website – and see my face on the front page! I would have wanted to sign up for next year’s program the next day (even though I would have had to wait 9 months before it began again). I think the PLCMC should be doing this NOW! And imagine how fun it would be to provide on-site recognition as incentives for kids.

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