Real Pencils, Revisited

It’s time for an update on the pencil thing! Way back in February when I voiced my first big phat “why?” about golf pencils and their use in public libraries, we’ve had some shift. I ordered personalized pencils–REAL pencils for PLCMC…enough to replace all the golf pencils that float around (and then into the trash cans) the library system.
I’m going to make like a golf pencil and keep this short–sleek black pencils replaced the short stubby ones this summer thoughout the Charlotte region. And we’re hoping they were used and then walked out the door. They are printed with 3 messages:
“Where’s The Point: At Your Public Library”
“Want To Know Something: Go To Your Public Library”
“Reading 20 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Child’s Life”

Please feel free to steal these messages…and pass them around…on real pencils or in any fashion that is handy!
Oh, and this has gone a bit viral since my first rant, but just in case you haven’t seen it, someone else decided to question the short pencil…check out the Short Pencil Saga.


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  1. Funny enough, inmates at the county jail have to use those little golf pencils in my poetry and writing class that I teach. I find it interesting that for years we have given patrons the same writing utensils that inmates have. I wonder what that says about the library’s state of mind. I understand the jail’s logic as the inmates could probably turn a regular sized pencil in to a prison shank (re: weapon). But why did we have them for so long at the library? Do we view the library as a prison and the patrons our inmates? Are we the wardens of the books? Ha, just kidding, but it is food for thought. Thanks Tony for eliminating the golf pencil and setting us free! It’s like the Shawshank Redemption, but with pencils! BTW, good book recommendation you left on my blog, I put it on my to-read list.

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