library experience

We learn from what we love.

Those things that we love, hold dear or find fascinating enough to say they have meaning to us are very often a source of learning and growth.

How do we tap into what our community loves? Do we ask them? Are they telling us by the patterns they create in usage and requests?

Can our thinking and evaluating shift if we consider this for a guideline: We learn from what we love.

Ask: what do you love to do? To hear? To see? to experience?

Then ask: how can we create learning opportunities around this love?

How many people can you fit in a library?

Many many many! It’s really hard to keep up as we continue to rock out with Gustafer Yellowgold here at South County. You can do this to at your library or location! Why wouldn’t you want to? This crowd of at least 200+–many who came just for this experience and many still streaming in to find something far more than they expected at the library.
The point-and-snap camera I’m using can’t get an image of all the kids, parents, adults and–yes senior adults, too–that are sprawled all over this library! Right-on!