dictionary of love

We learn from what we love.

Those things that we love, hold dear or find fascinating enough to say they have meaning to us are very often a source of learning and growth.

How do we tap into what our community loves? Do we ask them? Are they telling us by the patterns they create in usage and requests?

Can our thinking and evaluating shift if we consider this for a guideline: We learn from what we love.

Ask: what do you love to do? To hear? To see? to experience?

Then ask: how can we create learning opportunities around this love?


The Kiss Heard Round the World

A few years ago Charlotte’s Gallery L in Main Libray was voted as one of the best places to sneak a kiss in a local entertainment newspaper. I wonder how many memorable dates, kisses or first glances have happened in the welcoming spaces of the Public Library.

As is the season for thinking of love and kissing, Patricia Martin— scholar, researcher, idea-stirrer and generally brilliant RenGenster, has created a virtual kissing booth for the whole world to take part in. What a way to prepare and celebrate Valentine’s Day 08! Go on over and tell about THE kiss that changed your life, you can’t forget or left an impression that will never be erased. The top three kiss-that-rocked-the-world sharers will receive a copy of John Starke’s new witty and lovely book The Dictionary of Love.

The folks at Project For Public Space have long said that a public place where people are often found kissing or holding hands is perceived to be a welcome, safe and well-loved by most. I think virtual spaces can be just that, too. Do you?

Step on into the Kissing Booth.