Email Free Friday Update

It’s been about 3 months since we went email free on Fridays in my department. I promised I’d let you know how it goes…and it goes great! What we’re finding is that being email free on just this one day a week is helping most of us be more conscious of how many emails we send during the rest of the week. It also makes me aware of how much information is really necessary and how much is just noise.

Here are 3 quick ways you can turn down the volume on your inbox:

1. Don’t hit the “reply all” button to any email, especially ones that list more than 2 people in the “To” field.

2. Unless your question needs some sort of “documentation,” pick up the phone and call the person.

3. Turn your computer speakers off and minimize your email window so you’re not tempted by the new messages popping up.

Below are some comments from staff in my department on how they feel about Email Free Fridays:

  • …it opens up a dialogue we might never have had.
  • I really like the e-mail free Fridays. It allows me to catch up and clean up my messages and be prepared for the influx of messages for the upcoming week.
  • I think having a day without the constant demand of e-mails that have to be dealt with free us so we can catch up with paperwork, put together reports and… have extra precious time for planning, which is the heart of what we do in our department.
  • Please–YES–email free Fridays

Take the plunge–go email free on Fridays! It may sound scary, but you’ll love yourself (and others) for it!


One comment

  1. Way to go Tony! During really busy times I limit myself to just checking email twice a day…at the beginning and end of the day. I am so much more productive when I can stick to this. If you haven’t already read them I highly recommend Getting Things Done and Never Check Email in the Morning.

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