renaissance generation

The Kiss Heard Round the World

A few years ago Charlotte’s Gallery L in Main Libray was voted as one of the best places to sneak a kiss in a local entertainment newspaper. I wonder how many memorable dates, kisses or first glances have happened in the welcoming spaces of the Public Library.

As is the season for thinking of love and kissing, Patricia Martin— scholar, researcher, idea-stirrer and generally brilliant RenGenster, has created a virtual kissing booth for the whole world to take part in. What a way to prepare and celebrate Valentine’s Day 08! Go on over and tell about THE kiss that changed your life, you can’t forget or left an impression that will never be erased. The top three kiss-that-rocked-the-world sharers will receive a copy of John Starke’s new witty and lovely book The Dictionary of Love.

The folks at Project For Public Space have long said that a public place where people are often found kissing or holding hands is perceived to be a welcome, safe and well-loved by most. I think virtual spaces can be just that, too. Do you?

Step on into the Kissing Booth.


Show Me Me, Show Me You

Who do you want to see when you look at a new product, a new web site, a new community organization? You want to see you! And you want to see someone else. Someone with a name. A story. Seth Godin points to the frivolous but intoxicating site I’m In Like With You in his post “Learning From Flirting.”
What can we learn from this? It’s what the 2.0 movement has been saying for a while now: let the users speak! They want to! They love it! We love it. And ultimately…whether it looks pretty and is palatable in the old school sense or not…it is what is on the platter for the users we say we want to reach. Are you ready for it?