What we can learn from the weather

This morning it snowed in Charlotte. As I was walking up the street to my office at Main Library, I snapped this picture of the ImaginOn sign on this cold January morning. You get the picture.

So, in the bigger picture, what does this bring to mind for me? Just like the weather, we have to be ready to revolve our presence, add a layer of newness, something meaningful (even if temporary) to our space, our brand, our philosophy. Think of it like the weather. It moves and shifts and–remember this–people repond to that.

Design, Form, Function, Story

What does the creator of the design savvy $100 laptop have to think about his approach to product creation? “I’m a futurist…in the sense that I integrate new technologies into areas where they haven’t been integrated before,” Yves Behar says in an article in the current issue of Men’s Vogue. This sends shivers up my spine! Isn’t this what the 2.0 Librarian works to support everyday? Another shizz-shivering moment–when I looked up his design studio’s web site and saw that the major tag line (and link to get into the site) is “Design Brings Stories To Life.” The gist of the mission of ImaginOn–one of my own design, and planning projects is –get this–“to bring stories to life.” Shiver with me, folks. Design, form, function, service, awareness, community identity…you name it…it’s all connected. All the cloud colors mix to create the horizon. Design is dreaming in action, in reality. Life and libraries…excellent things! Note to self: Add Yves Behar to contemporary visionary heroes list.